Wedding Hog Roast Sussex Questions

We have put together so many packages for your wedding catering in sussex.

We have 5 x packages. All covering in different ways the 3 x courses of a wedding event.

We have at midsussex hog roast wedding catering answered the usual questions below.

We hope this helps with your wedding catering planning

How much is wedding catering - really depends on the time of year, number of guests, menu choices. Generally are wedding package's start at £15.00 pp. The cost of wedding catering also depends on your ideas in respect to having a profesional bar. This determins how many staff you need.

How long do you need to be on site at our wedding - Generally we like to be onsite around 4 hours prior to the service time of any foods starting. We like to arrive really well prepped with little to do onsite.

Do you need and service area - We have catered for weddings at so many different sites. They are generally the same places on the whole. Most village halls have great facilities which are useful. Most marquee weddings we need a small service tent. We will only advise what is realisic to the venue.

Can we book staff for our wedding - Simply yes, we make this so simple. We hire out our staff at an hourly rate. They are well trained and can do all the wedding duties needed . We will advise on the amout needed for the wedding plans you have.

Can we have veggie and vegan foods - Yes, we love to look after all requirments. We want all guests to leave your wedding saying we were caterered for with passion by midsussexhogroast

Can we have veggie and vegan foods - Yes, we love to look after all requirements. We want all guests to leave your wedding saying we were catered for with passion by midsussexhogroast. #midsussexhogroast

Can we choose our wedding package - Yes, we love to be really flexiable with wedding choices. You can switch aroundour canapes, dessert and salad options. We will price your event as to what you want.

Do you bring your own equipment to our wedding day - Yes we bring all we need for your pakcage. We will check with the venue as well as to what they have. some cases we may need to hire additional equipment #wedding#weddingcatering#sussex#food

Can we arrange our own foods and services - Yes we love working with other companies and work well with others. If you want to arrange your own foods and staff we will support this. But we will need to have a good understanding of tasks and whos in charge of what area.