Hog Roast Sussex

We thought we would do a blog on some of the methods we use to cook our hogs and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to cook the hog ? We like to slow roast ours for many hours. We aim to give every hog at least 8 hours. This ensures its cooked deep down and falls off the bones when carved.

What the max and min numbers Midsussex Hog Roast cater for ? - Well, we are very well known locally for smaller hot hog roast deliveries. So we would bring a hot hog take away from 10 people. For an actual onsite set up 30 would be then min and 500 the max. We have 4 x hog roasting ovens so ideal for big events.

What if the weather is bad? Because we cater from our professional 5/5 catering unit we arrive organised and ready for any events, any size. So if need be we can put the serving tables inside and place a gazebo over the hog machines. Are hog machines if the area is safe and suitable can come inside if need be. Bad weather really doesn't affect us mainly because we have the catering unit.

Do you do veggie / vegan / gf options? - As we actually chefs we do some fantastic veggie and vegan choices and really look after all requirements.

How pig are the pigs? we often get asked how many pigs will we bring for a certain number of guests. We always say we have been doing this for many years and bring the size / amount of hog that you have paid for and ordered to feed the guests with pleanty. Let us deal with the amounts.

How much for a hog roast? Another question we get a lot, so that's a bit like asking how long a piece of string is. The price really all depends on the time of year, menu, sides, day of the week.

Can we keep the left over hog roast? Yes - its all yours and will be left sensibly

Can we hire a hog roast? Yes we hire out our machines

How long will you be onsite? this really depends on the depth of the catering you have ordered. For a standard wedding usually around 4 hours before the first activity if a standard garden party usually around 3 hours prior to your sevice time